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Officer Jewels

Officer Jewels


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Miniature Jewels

A Past State Deputy  (PG-322)  $30.00

B Former District Deputy (PG-323) $20.00

C Past Grand Knight ( PG-324) $20.00
D Past Faithful Navigator (PG-325) 

E Former Master (PG-326) $20.00

F Former Vice Supreme Master (PG-327)$30.00

Our price: $30.00
Fourth Degree Jewels

H. Vice Supreme Master (2043)
I. District Marshal (PG-146)

Our price: $42.00
Assembly Jewels

Faithful Navigator (PG-132)
Faithful Friar (PG-133)
Faithful Captain (PG-134)
Faithful Pilot (PG-135)
Faithful Comptroller (PG-136)
Faithful Scribe (PG-137)
Faithful Purser (PG-138)
Faithful Inner Sentinel (PG-139)
Faithful Outer Sentinel (PG-140)
Faithful Admiral (PG-141)
Faithful Trustee (PG-142)

Our price: $42.00
Complete Set of 13 Jewels


Complete Set of 13 Jewels
Each Set includes one for each Officer
and one for each of the three Trustees.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Our price: $475.00
Council Jewels

A. Advocate (PG-125E)

B. Warden (PG-16E) 

C. Inside Guard (PG-127E) 

D. Outside Guard (PG-128E)  

E. N. Trustee (PG-129E) 


Our price: $15.00
Council Jewels

G. Grand Knight (PG-117E) $15.00
H. Chaplain ( PG-118E) $15.00
I. Deputy Grand Knight (PG-119E)$15.00
J. Chancellor (PG-120E) $15.00
K. Recorder (PG-121E) $15.00
L. Financial Secretary (PG-122E)$15.00
M. Treasurer (PG-123E) $15.00
N. Lecturer (PG-124E) $15.00

Our price: $15.00
Complete Set of 15 Council Jewels

Complete Set of 15 Council Jewels

Our price: $200.00
Replacement Ribbons

Replacement Ribbons

Our price: $4.00
Ribbon Bar

Ribbon Bar - 2 or 3 Jewel Ribbon bar $2.00, 4 Jewel Ribbon Bar $3.00 each

Our price: $2.00
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