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Lynch & Kelly was owned for the past 75 years by the second generation Kellys, Francis M. Kelly. On July 1, 1958, Francis incorporated to include his two sons, Justin F. Kelly, 48 years with Lynch & Kelly, a P.G.K. and financial secretary of Wm. E. Burke Utica Council 189, and a P.F.N. of Utica Assembly; F. Michael Kelly, 46 years with Lynch & Kelly, all 4th Degree Members of Utica Assembly No. 189, and Utica Assembly 189. The fourth generation of Kellys, Brian Kelly, member of Wm. E. Burke Utica Council 189, and Utica Assembly No. 189, is now the president of Lynch & Kelly.

What finer organization could be assembled to look after the needs of a Council or Assembly or private member. Our main purpose is to give you the finest materials possible, the finest workmanship, and prompt service. In our sewing shop, we employ the most skilled machine operators who have been with us from 6 to 34 years. With such a unique setup, no wonder we are serving 90% of all Councils and Assemblies. A Lynch & Kelly, Inc. label in a robe means “Standards of Excellence.”

We will ship all items of equipment which are in stock, at once, and the remaining items as soon as they are available.

We have been supplying the Councils and Assemblies of the Knights of Columbus with Degree Equipment for over 99 years. We were designated by the Supreme Board of Directors in 1905 to be an Official outfitter for the Order. This designation has continued uninterrupted since that time, which is a compliment that we are justly proud of. All robes are made in our shop under our personal supervision and constant attention. In fact, 95% of the equipment which includes the robes and metalware, is made or assembled in our shop at 23 Devereux St., Utica, N.Y. We are most anxious to serve Councils and Assemblies of the Knights of Columbus as near 100% as we can.

We will at all times offer the Councils the best service that can be had, and will never be undersold on like quality merchandise. While we strive to maintain the very low prices as contained in this catalog. Items may change and will be replaced with equal quality merchandise. Prices are subject to change without notice.

We Thank You Kindly. Fraternally, Brian G. Kelly, President.